About the Programme


In 1992, UNESCO established the Memory of the World Programme (MoW), which aims to implement the mission of protecting the world cultural heritage proclaimed in the UNESCO Constitution, promotingaccess to cultural heritage and increasing awareness worldwide of the  significance of documentary heritage. The carriers of documentary heritage not only include traditional ones such as papyrus, parchment, palm leaves, wood chips, stone chips and paper, but also include new media such as recording, television, film works and digital media, etc. Due to various man-made and natural disasters in history, chemical reactions and technical problems in reality, these valuable collections are facing the fate of being endangered or dispersed. UNESCO hopes to publicize to the governments and the public the importance of precious documentary heritage held in libraries, archives and museums through establishment of the International MoW Register andgranting of the logo, and to realize effective preservation and rescue of documentary heritage through international cooperation and application of the most applicable technical means, so as to promote universal access to the heritage of humanity.